Today, before tomorrow

Tomorrow I will start my diet

Tomorrow I will start running again

Tomorrow I will start that book

Tomorrow I will catch up with friends

The issue with tomorrow is that it ignores today. Today is the most significant portion of your life, because without today there is no tomorrow. Striving for new goals, meeting up with old friends, savings money, etc are all things that can be activated the same day as they are thought about. For example if you have not spoke to someone on facebook you have been wanting to talk to, shoot them a message, it takes 30 seconds to type a message and hit send.

Do today what could be done tomorrow because then you do not have fight regret. You have eliminated that feeling by stepping ahead of the game. There is a guarantee that you are going to feel more positive about whatever that circumstance was.

The premise being taking on challenges in the present moment Is to eliminate one more thing from being a stressor. Stressors range from all kinds of things, but whatever there size may be they add up, eliminating one at a time and ones that can eliminated immediately will potentially make life a little lighter.

Sarcasm and laughter as Psychotherapy

How laughter and sarcasm can make life’s continuous challenges that arise easier to get through. In all different forms ranging from physical challenges such as a flat tire in a rainstorm, a ridiculously long hike, spilling coffee on your new pants right before meeting your new employer, then there is also emotional challenges maybe along the lines of a family member passing, breaking up with a partner, or as a child losing your favorite teddy bear, which is unsurprisingly the worst of all.

Now obviously using there is a time and a place to a certain point, but there is also not to a certain degree too. The point of laughing or making a sarcastic remark during a period of high stress is to relieve the tension in the air. As tension builds typically so do stress levels and so do peoples ability to fight through that really frustrating or annoying circumstance.

A huge factor of any stressful situation Is the amount of seriousness in that situation, now obviously like it was said earlier there are inappropriate places for laughter and sarcasm, but most of the time either people are taking something to serious or way more stressed than the situation actually needs to be, so with a joke or a sarcastic remark there is potentially for a way to break the ever building tension.


If you are running a marathon and mile one you say “Almost there”, or “well at least we have’nt only done a mile” these could offer some humor to a potential stressor.

If you lose your wallet, “well at least I didn’t lose my wallet”.

Changing subject on a dime when a potential argument is coming down the tracks.

You have broken your leg, “something seems to feel amiss”

Its freezing cold “well its a lot warmer than I expected.

Harden or Crack

Conkers. Horse chestnuts on a string flicked at another horse chestnut on a string until one breaks. The great game played by british youth where all kinds of techniques are used to harden to conker so that you are victorious on the school playground.

Taking this game and applying to philosophy of challenge confrontation causes one to ponder, as if the chestnut represents the human, how does one approach war. War being the act of anything from everyday tasks to personal record setting.

Visualizing the win is an important stage; purposely foreseeing a victorious ending to whatever the challenge is. After foreseeing victory you then begin to prepare for the battle be it physically or mentally. This stage being secondary, but equally as important due to its ability to show that not only have you foreseen victory, but there is legitimate proof in your training that you can achieve the goal.

Next, the all telling moment of the truth where the objective you have waited for, or in some cases not waited for, but are now experiencing is happening the wheels are now in spin.

During the moment it is crucial that theres belief, trust and confidence in what training or preparation has been put in to the path prior to the objective. This will allow the training to take over and produce the goal that has been so heavily weighing on the moment.

It could be an MMA fight, A Personal record bench press, a penalty, or a puff pastry for the in laws. Whatever of these it is or is going to be the perfect preparation contains; Self Belief, Gained ability, and Visualization.

By George Langston


When you continuously walk the same path everyday there is a thin line between building a brilliant future or a solid path to success and then just walking the same path because its easy and comfortable.

Being comfortable is something that can be really destructive if you strive to do big things with life, if you want things to be simple, easy, smooth and thats a life you enjoy then this post is for people striving to be more than normal or have larger than regular life goals.


Every day you rise you should make your bed even if you do not have the energy or the mindset to bother it is important to start the day with a win. From there eat some breakfast and say out loud something you wish to come true in the near future for example, “Today I will be positive and take challenges within my stride”, this will slowly have a snow ball effect subconsciously and build positivity throughout all your thoughts.

After building a positive start to the day you have the foundation for the rest of the day to attack it with a vengeance for success. A good way to attack your goals on top of the solid foundation is to write them down where you can see them often or set reminders bi-hourly so that you constantly are in touch with your goal be it : A nice holiday, A new diet, positive responses to colleagues, etc. Whatever the goal is be in touch with it and make sure you have a plan. A good friend of mine always says “Without a plan, you plan to fail.” I think this to be completely true.


  • Start the day with a small challenge and a positive quote
  • Write down your goal or challenge, be conscious of it
  • Take small steps towards it, setting micro goals to the macro goal
  • Plan, Plan, Plan to avoid getting side tracked or lost along the path
  • Never give up on the goal, keep getting back up, like our friend Rocky

By George Langston

ah feck, what should I do?

Some individuals struggle with the psychological battles of everyday be whatever the subject at hand may be. From serious matters like having fish and chips or having a microwave meal to things concerning love, further education, or employment opportunities.

The idea to me with conflicting ideas or struggling between decisions is to find the heart of what is motivation the decisions. Trying to tear down the external motivators or fog covering the turn in a certain direction is the first step to creating a decision that will not create the foundation for the building of regrets.

One thing that seems to motivate most decisions that are made in the human world, due to our social circles and influences, are purely made on what others are doing. This is the main fault with social media.


Social media can cause a feeling of mediocrity within ones self especially in how you perceive how your life may be going in comparison to the highlight reals of other peoples journeys. Comparing maybe your lowest psychological state to some ones situation that was so positive they felt they had to show others.


Whats my friend doing? is the first question most ask prior to making decisions this is may be a causal factor created due to lack of security in your future social circles or because you do not want to feel uncomfortable.


After quite a while pondering this idea and other peoples philosophies some of which mention always being uncomfortable to create growth and some mentioning that you do not always have to be uncomfortable sometimes where you are is fine for that moment.

My conclusion is that typically, not regarding all hyper specific outliers, uncomfortable decisions are the ones you should make. If something is uncomfortable it usually always leads to some fashion of personal growth.

Maintaining Sanity through Physical Activity.

Healthy Addiction? I have recently been pondering my gym addiction over the past few years it went from zero to one hundred over night my junior year of high school. From little to no interest to breaking into the high school gym to do dumbbell curls late at night. Since the beginning I have trained every day besides a handful of days off randomly.

I am now reaching a point where the gym has become cumbersome psychologically, physically I have never experienced over training syndrome or anything of that respect, but psychologically it has taken its toll and become the center of most of my thoughts during the day.

The gym currently manipulates all I do dietarily, most of what I do socially, practically all I do when it comes to social media or internet surfing, and finally who I consider myself to be.


Most individuals have something in their lives that takes complete control for some it maybe a more dangerous addiction this relating to drugs or alcohol abuse, may be even dietary things such as eating disorders. For some it may be their social circle, work, or play that takes too much.

Realizing that there is more to life than, the gym, and for others whatever their main focus may be. The issue at hand is how to begin to spend more time on others things or if there is truly a need for other things.

Even though comparing an eating disorder to a gym addiction does not seem credible, it is in some ways just a bad for the psychological state of the being. This weeks 14 trainings session seems obscene, but completely necessary for stability in other aspects of life.


Is it actually a problem? well that lacks certainty. Being obsessed because you want to be the greatest at something, but also being obsessed because it is easier than building all areas of the life you live. Instead of having even distribution between all platforms: Education, Knowledge, Emotional Intelligence, Social skills, etc. It is easier to put all the eggs in one basket.

By George Langston

Looking at a Boat using Hole-ism


A boat sails the ocean un-affected by the masses of water crashing down around it and a constant barrage of weather pouring rain from the heavens or lightening from zeus himself. Now, this boat, created for whatever purpose it may, travels to and from any array of different places. The idea being that the boat is successful in arriving to its destination whatever be the challenges of the venture.

The boat that is seasoned and often has the ability to take on the crashing waves can succeed for many a time before but as the boats integral value slips and cracks appear in the hull or holes in the bow, it is at that point one of two things happen.

One can approach the lack in structural integrity of the boat by attacking each hole as it appears not concerning for prevention of future cracks and holes but only worrying about each problem as it arrises, or they can stop the boat and spend time fixing the whole ship.

Ship repairs performed individually may work for a short while, but often lead to no long term fixes. This focus on the short term without perspective on how the future may be drastically impacted can cause a ripple effect later down the line. Where as spending time focusing on prevention and longer term repairs can create a stronger and more effective ship for the next time it tries to weather the ocean.

Failure to make changes and fix problems with the future in regard will cause the ship to eventually sink. A sinking ship can be avoided by looking at things with a holistic view. A holistic view may show that the ship may need a new mast, rudder, and sail, before the ship has taken sail on another journey, this then avoiding the pain of unexpected failures along a journey.

by George Langston 1-27-19