ah feck, what should I do?

Some individuals struggle with the psychological battles of everyday be whatever the subject at hand may be. From serious matters like having fish and chips or having a microwave meal to things concerning love, further education, or employment opportunities.

The idea to me with conflicting ideas or struggling between decisions is to find the heart of what is motivation the decisions. Trying to tear down the external motivators or fog covering the turn in a certain direction is the first step to creating a decision that will not create the foundation for the building of regrets.

One thing that seems to motivate most decisions that are made in the human world, due to our social circles and influences, are purely made on what others are doing. This is the main fault with social media.


Social media can cause a feeling of mediocrity within ones self especially in how you perceive how your life may be going in comparison to the highlight reals of other peoples journeys. Comparing maybe your lowest psychological state to some ones situation that was so positive they felt they had to show others.


Whats my friend doing? is the first question most ask prior to making decisions this is may be a causal factor created due to lack of security in your future social circles or because you do not want to feel uncomfortable.


After quite a while pondering this idea and other peoples philosophies some of which mention always being uncomfortable to create growth and some mentioning that you do not always have to be uncomfortable sometimes where you are is fine for that moment.

My conclusion is that typically, not regarding all hyper specific outliers, uncomfortable decisions are the ones you should make. If something is uncomfortable it usually always leads to some fashion of personal growth.

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