Maintaining Sanity through Physical Activity.

Healthy Addiction? I have recently been pondering my gym addiction over the past few years it went from zero to one hundred over night my junior year of high school. From little to no interest to breaking into the high school gym to do dumbbell curls late at night. Since the beginning I have trained every day besides a handful of days off randomly.

I am now reaching a point where the gym has become cumbersome psychologically, physically I have never experienced over training syndrome or anything of that respect, but psychologically it has taken its toll and become the center of most of my thoughts during the day.

The gym currently manipulates all I do dietarily, most of what I do socially, practically all I do when it comes to social media or internet surfing, and finally who I consider myself to be.


Most individuals have something in their lives that takes complete control for some it maybe a more dangerous addiction this relating to drugs or alcohol abuse, may be even dietary things such as eating disorders. For some it may be their social circle, work, or play that takes too much.

Realizing that there is more to life than, the gym, and for others whatever their main focus may be. The issue at hand is how to begin to spend more time on others things or if there is truly a need for other things.

Even though comparing an eating disorder to a gym addiction does not seem credible, it is in some ways just a bad for the psychological state of the being. This weeks 14 trainings session seems obscene, but completely necessary for stability in other aspects of life.


Is it actually a problem? well that lacks certainty. Being obsessed because you want to be the greatest at something, but also being obsessed because it is easier than building all areas of the life you live. Instead of having even distribution between all platforms: Education, Knowledge, Emotional Intelligence, Social skills, etc. It is easier to put all the eggs in one basket.

By George Langston

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