When you continuously walk the same path everyday there is a thin line between building a brilliant future or a solid path to success and then just walking the same path because its easy and comfortable.

Being comfortable is something that can be really destructive if you strive to do big things with life, if you want things to be simple, easy, smooth and thats a life you enjoy then this post is for people striving to be more than normal or have larger than regular life goals.


Every day you rise you should make your bed even if you do not have the energy or the mindset to bother it is important to start the day with a win. From there eat some breakfast and say out loud something you wish to come true in the near future for example, “Today I will be positive and take challenges within my stride”, this will slowly have a snow ball effect subconsciously and build positivity throughout all your thoughts.

After building a positive start to the day you have the foundation for the rest of the day to attack it with a vengeance for success. A good way to attack your goals on top of the solid foundation is to write them down where you can see them often or set reminders bi-hourly so that you constantly are in touch with your goal be it : A nice holiday, A new diet, positive responses to colleagues, etc. Whatever the goal is be in touch with it and make sure you have a plan. A good friend of mine always says “Without a plan, you plan to fail.” I think this to be completely true.


  • Start the day with a small challenge and a positive quote
  • Write down your goal or challenge, be conscious of it
  • Take small steps towards it, setting micro goals to the macro goal
  • Plan, Plan, Plan to avoid getting side tracked or lost along the path
  • Never give up on the goal, keep getting back up, like our friend Rocky

By George Langston

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