Harden or Crack

Conkers. Horse chestnuts on a string flicked at another horse chestnut on a string until one breaks. The great game played by british youth where all kinds of techniques are used to harden to conker so that you are victorious on the school playground.

Taking this game and applying to philosophy of challenge confrontation causes one to ponder, as if the chestnut represents the human, how does one approach war. War being the act of anything from everyday tasks to personal record setting.

Visualizing the win is an important stage; purposely foreseeing a victorious ending to whatever the challenge is. After foreseeing victory you then begin to prepare for the battle be it physically or mentally. This stage being secondary, but equally as important due to its ability to show that not only have you foreseen victory, but there is legitimate proof in your training that you can achieve the goal.

Next, the all telling moment of the truth where the objective you have waited for, or in some cases not waited for, but are now experiencing is happening the wheels are now in spin.

During the moment it is crucial that theres belief, trust and confidence in what training or preparation has been put in to the path prior to the objective. This will allow the training to take over and produce the goal that has been so heavily weighing on the moment.

It could be an MMA fight, A Personal record bench press, a penalty, or a puff pastry for the in laws. Whatever of these it is or is going to be the perfect preparation contains; Self Belief, Gained ability, and Visualization.

By George Langston

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