Looking at a Boat using Hole-ism



A boat sails the ocean un-affected by the masses of water crashing down around it and a constant barrage of weather pouring rain from the heavens or lightening from zeus himself. Now, this boat, created for whatever purpose it may, travels to and from any array of different places. The idea being that the boat is successful in arriving to its destination whatever be the challenges of the venture.

The boat that is seasoned and often has the ability to take on the crashing waves can succeed for many a time before but as the boats integral value slips and cracks appear in the hull or holes in the bow, it is at that point one of two things happen.

One can approach the lack in structural integrity of the boat by attacking each hole as it appears not concerning for prevention of future cracks and holes but only worrying about each problem as it arrises, or they can stop the boat and spend time fixing the whole ship.

Ship repairs performed individually may work for a short while, but often lead to no long term fixes. This focus on the short term without perspective on how the future may be drastically impacted can cause a ripple effect later down the line. Where as spending time focusing on prevention and longer term repairs can create a stronger and more effective ship for the next time it tries to weather the ocean.

Failure to make changes and fix problems with the future in regard will cause the ship to eventually sink. A sinking ship can be avoided by looking at things with a holistic view. A holistic view may show that the ship may need a new mast, rudder, and sail, before the ship has taken sail on another journey, this then avoiding the pain of unexpected failures along a journey.

by George Langston 1-27-19


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