Sarcasm and laughter as Psychotherapy

How laughter and sarcasm can make life’s continuous challenges that arise easier to get through. In all different forms ranging from physical challenges such as a flat tire in a rainstorm, a ridiculously long hike, spilling coffee on your new pants right before meeting your new employer, then there is also emotional challenges maybe along the lines of a family member passing, breaking up with a partner, or as a child losing your favorite teddy bear, which is unsurprisingly the worst of all.

Now obviously using there is a time and a place to a certain point, but there is also not to a certain degree too. The point of laughing or making a sarcastic remark during a period of high stress is to relieve the tension in the air. As tension builds typically so do stress levels and so do peoples ability to fight through that really frustrating or annoying circumstance.

A huge factor of any stressful situation Is the amount of seriousness in that situation, now obviously like it was said earlier there are inappropriate places for laughter and sarcasm, but most of the time either people are taking something to serious or way more stressed than the situation actually needs to be, so with a joke or a sarcastic remark there is potentially for a way to break the ever building tension.


If you are running a marathon and mile one you say “Almost there”, or “well at least we have’nt only done a mile” these could offer some humor to a potential stressor.

If you lose your wallet, “well at least I didn’t lose my wallet”.

Changing subject on a dime when a potential argument is coming down the tracks.

You have broken your leg, “something seems to feel amiss”

Its freezing cold “well its a lot warmer than I expected.

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